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Hi! My name is Kaytlyn. I am a wife, a mom to all girls, and I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I started Stronger By Grace Designs in 2022. I have been a stay at home mom since 2010 and cleaning houses just to get time out on my own. After having my last baby in 2020, I decided that I needed to go back to work. For 14 years I have been an assistant to my husband in the shop and learned so much. I had pretty good tool knowledge and experience. I always found it inspiring that I would have an idea and he could build it/make it/fix it! Now it was my turn to learn a new tool and that was the scroll saw. I asked God to give me an idea so I could work from home and that is how I started my signs. At that point things kept falling into place. My business name represents a testimony. I was at my lowest point in life and didn't know how I would keep going. It was God's Grace that sustained me. Today I am a stronger person! I am excited for the journey and opportunities ahead!


You can see my projects as I make them

and a behind the scenes look!

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